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Piper Sprinkler offers landscape design and installation while maintaining or installing your sprinkler system. When evaluating your landscape, we account for every feature of an existing plot of land including sun, shade, shadows, views, windows, and colors to name a few. Landscaping is what makes a home complete and helps to gives the land its final character.


From large to small, we can help you design and complete your dream yard. We specialize in: 

  • Ecologically diverse landscapes from across Colorado

    •  From the dry desert climates to the cool alpine mountains

  •  We design with elements from these different climates to compose a yard that:

    • Changes color with the seasons

    • Offers interest and shade

  •  We employ water saving xeriscaping, a few excellent examples of the plants we use are pictured below

  • During our landscape design process, our drawings/plans will help you visualize the placement and patterns of plants, trees and walkways to make sure we meet the highest level of customer satisfaction


At Piper Sprinkler we pride ourselves on ‘individual & quality’ care - we are not happy until you are happy. Customer Service is our highest priority!


--Please call today for your FREE Remote Estimate!--

Xeriscaping Plants: A few of the best examples for Colorado
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